Worksheet: The Endocrine System

In this worksheet, we will practice identifying the parts and functions of the endocrine system.


Hormones are the body’s chemical messengers. There are many different kinds of hormones, and each one has a specific job.

How do hormones travel around the body?

  • AIn the blood
  • BThrough the muscles
  • CThrough the nerves
  • DIn the skin cells


The pancreas produces two hormones that help control the body’s blood sugar levels.

Select one hormone which is produced by the pancreas.

  • ACortisol
  • BThyroxine
  • CEstrogen
  • DInsulin


The thyroid gland produces and stores hormones that help to regulate heart rate, blood pressure, body temperature, and growth.

When a person’s thyroid is too active, we say that person has hyperthyroidism.

Which of the following symptoms is caused by an overactive thyroid?

  • AHigher heart rate
  • BLower heart rate
  • CWeight gain
  • DTiredness or fatigue


Which gland is responsible for producing eggs for fertilization?

  • AThe thyroid
  • BThe ovary
  • CThe testicle
  • DThe thymus


The adrenal glands help our body react to stressful situations. The adrenal cortex produces a hormone that regulates our stress responses.

What is the name of this hormone?

  • AProgesterone
  • BInsulin
  • CTestosterone
  • DCortisol


The endocrine system contains many different organs that are responsible for producing hormones.

What name is given to these organs?

  • AGlands
  • BReceptors
  • CVentricle
  • DHormones

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