Lesson Worksheet: Meiosis Biology

In this worksheet, we will practice explaining the role of meiosis in the formation of gametes.


A body cell in a giant panda has 42 chromosomes. How many chromosomes will be in a panda sperm cell?


How many chromosomes are in a human gamete?


After fertilization, a zygote is formed.

What type of cell division do cells in the zygote stage undergo to begin forming a new organism?

  • AMitosis
  • BMeiosis


Which of the following is incorrect about meiosis and variation?

  • AEach chromosome in a pair may contain different versions of the same gene.
  • BMeiosis creates genetic variation because each gamete formed has a different set of chromosomes.
  • CHaploid daughter cells are produced in meiosis as they have the full set of chromosomes to start dividing into a zygote.
  • DIn the zygote, one chromosome in each pair comes from each parent.
  • ESexual reproduction produces more variation in the offspring than asexual.


Which of the following correctly defines a cell that is haploid?

  • AA haploid cell contains one set of each unpaired chromosome.
  • BA haploid cell contains half of each chromosome.
  • CA haploid cell contains two sets of each paired chromosome.
  • DA haploid cell contains three sets of each unpaired chromosome.


A normal cell in a spinach plant has 12 chromosomes. How many chromosomes will be in the pollen grain?


Which of the following statements best explains why it is important that gametes are haploid?

  • ASo when they join in fertilization, the zygote has the correct haploid number
  • BSo the gametes do not get confused with normal body cells
  • CSo when they divide to form an embryo, the DNA does not have to be replicated
  • DSo when they join in fertilization, the zygote has the correct diploid number


For the following statements about meiosis, choose whether they are true or false.

Meiosis involves the parent cell dividing twice.

  • AFalse
  • BTrue

Meiosis produces daughter cells that are genetically identical to the parent cell.

  • AFalse
  • BTrue

Meiosis produces cells that are haploid.

  • AFalse
  • BTrue


By what type of cell division are gametes formed in adults?

  • AMitosis
  • BMeiosis


What is produced by a cell that has undergone meiosis?

  • ATwo genetically different haploid cells
  • BFour genetically identical haploid cells
  • CFour genetically different haploid cells
  • DTwo genetically identical diploid cells
  • EFour genetically different diploid cells

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