Lesson Worksheet: Surface Areas of Rectangular Prism and Cubes Mathematics • 6th Grade

In this worksheet, we will practice calculating surface areas of rectangular prisms and cubes and using this to solve real-life problems.


If the perimeter of the base of a cube is 54.4 cm, find its total surface area.


What is the surface area of a cube of side 17 centimeters?


Find the surface area of a cube of length 11 centimeters.


Find the total surface area of a rectangular prism with length 13 cm, width 3 cm, and height 3 cm.


Find the surface area of the rectangular prism shown.


What is the total surface area of a cube whose edge length is 7 cm?


Which multiple of the area of a single face gives the lateral area of a cube?


The lateral area of a cube is the product of the base perimeter and which of the following?

  • Athe volume
  • Bthe length
  • Cthe height
  • Dthe width


Which of the following expressions represents the surface area of a cube with side length 𝑤?

  • A𝑤
  • B4𝑤
  • C6𝑤
  • D6𝑤
  • E𝑤


Which of the following multiplied by 6 gives the surface area of a cube?

  • Athe edge length
  • Bthe area of one face
  • Cthe area of a triangle
  • Dthe perimeter of one face

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