Lesson Worksheet: Minerals Science • 4th Grade

In this worksheet, we will practice investigating, describing, and comparing the properties of minerals.


A class predicted that all minerals are magnetic. They investigated how three minerals responded to a magnet.

Mineral Attracted to a Magnet?
Halite No
Quartz No
Magnetite Yes

Was the class’s prediction correct?

  • AYes
  • BNo


Ethan has two minerals, gypsum and quartz. He scratches the gypsum and it easily breaks.

Fill in the blank: This tells us that gypsum is a mineral than quartz.

  • Aharder
  • Bmore lustrous
  • Csofter


Fill in the blank: The Mohs scale measures the of a mineral.

  • Aluster
  • Bcleavage
  • Chardness


Below is an image of a mineral called talc.

Mineral talc

Fill in the blank: This mineral has a luster.

  • Adull
  • Bpearly
  • Cmetallic


The table below shows the values that three minerals have on the Mohs scale.

Mineral Apatite Quartz Talc
Mohs Scale 5 7 1

Which mineral is softer than apatite?

  • AQuartz
  • BTalc


We can identify the mineral calcite by adding an acid like vinegar to it.

Medical tablet dropped into the water

Fill in the blanks: When vinegar is added to calcite, the calcite because it reacts with the vinegar and produces a .

  • Aburns, gas
  • Bburns, liquid
  • Cbubbles, liquid
  • Dbubbles, gas


The mineral shown below is feldspar.

Natural specimen of microcline feldspar split along mineral cleavage planes

Fill in the blank: The cleavage of a mineral describes how well it breaks along a smooth, flat surface. This mineral has cleavage.

  • Agood
  • Bpoor


This is an image of hematite.

Hematite, silvery gray stone, iron oxide frequently found in soils and rock. Ore used in industry or for esoteric purposes.

Fill in the blank: This mineral has a luster.

  • Apearly
  • Bnonmetallic
  • Cmetallic
  • Dglassy


Fill in the blanks: According to the Mohs scale of hardness, the hardest mineral is , while the softest mineral is .

  • Afeldspar, gypsum
  • Bquartz, calcite
  • Cdiamond, talc
  • Dpyrite, mica


Fill in the blank: The color of powdered pyrite is green to brown; this property is called .

Mineral pyrite, or iron pyrite
  • Acolor
  • Bstreak
  • Cluster

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