Lesson Worksheet: Properties of Real Numbers Mathematics

In this worksheet, we will practice classifying real numbers and using their properties to simplify algebraic expressions.


True or False: Every integer is a rational number.

  • ATrue
  • BFalse


Is every noninteger number a rational number?

  • AYes
  • BNo


Consider the given sets of numbers.

Natural NumbersInteger NumbersRational NumbersIrrational NumbersReal Numbers

Which sets does the number 2.5 belong to?

  • A,,and
  • Band
  • C,,and
  • Dand
  • Eand


For the numbers 9, 7, 1.25, 13, 3, 2, 8, and 2, which of the following Venn diagrams is true?

  • A
  • B
  • C
  • D
  • E


What type of number is 1732?

  • Apositive rational
  • Binteger
  • Cnegative rational


Which of the following is an irrational number that lies between 3 and 4?

  • A3.9
  • B19
  • C13
  • D72
  • E7


What is the union of the rational and irrational numbers?

  • A
  • B
  • C
  • D
  • E


Use or to complete the following: 𝜋2.

  • A
  • B


Every natural number is a real number.

  • Anegative
  • Bpositive


Every integer is also .

  • Aa natural number
  • Ba real number

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