Worksheet: Parts of a Flowering Plant

In this worksheet, we will practice identifying and describing the functions of different parts of flowering plants.


Which part of the plant protects the seeds?

  • AFruit
  • BFlower
  • CRoots
  • DLeaf


Read these parts of a flowering plant: roots, stem, leaves, flower, seeds.

Pick two of these parts which help the plant reproduce (make new plants).

  • ALeaf and flower
  • BFlower and seeds
  • CSeeds and leaves
  • DFlower and roots


Which part of the plant takes up water and nutrients (food)?

  • AThe leaf
  • BThe roots
  • CThe flower
  • DThe stem


Flowering plants produce fruits and seeds. Why do plants need seeds?

  • ATo help the fruit ripen
  • BTo help the plant make food
  • CTo help make food for animals
  • DTo help make new plants


Flowering plants transport water and nutrients using the stem. Which part of a tree does the same job? Use the diagram to help you.

  • AThe flower
  • BThe trunk
  • CThe roots
  • DThe fruit

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