Lesson Worksheet: Atomic Orbitals Chemistry

In this worksheet, we will practice recognizing atomic orbitals based on their shape and describing their relationship with quantum numbers.


Which of the following statements best describes an atomic orbital?

  • AA three-dimensional mathematical description of the most likely location of an electron in an atom
  • BA mathematical function that describes the movement of atoms in relation to other atoms
  • CA physical barrier around an atom that contains the electron
  • DThe precise position and momentum of an electron within an atom
  • EThe two-dimensional circular orbits electrons take around the nucleus


What is the highest occupied orbital in an atom of boron?

  • A3s
  • B2p
  • C1p
  • D3p
  • E2s


Molecular bonds, the chemical bonds in molecules, are formed from the overlap of atomic orbitals. Which two atomic orbitals’ overlap is likely to have formed the molecular orbital shown?

  • Af orbitals
  • Bp orbitals
  • Cd orbitals
  • Ds orbitals


What name is given to an atomic orbital with the quantum numbers 𝑛=2, 𝑙=1, and π‘š=βˆ’1?

  • A2s
  • B2p
  • C2f
  • D3p
  • E2d


The graph shows the probability of finding an electron at a distance from the nucleus for the first three s orbitals of an atom of hydrogen. Which plot corresponds to the 1s orbital?

  • AB
  • BA
  • CC


Which of the images shows an s orbital?

  • A
  • B
  • C
  • D
  • E


What is the maximum number of electrons that exist in s subshell?


Which of the following atomic orbitals is shown in the image?

  • Ap
  • Bf
  • Cd
  • Ds
  • Eg


What is the number of orbitals in the shell that has the principal quantum number 𝑛=1?

  • A3 orbitals
  • B1 orbital
  • C16 orbitals
  • D4 orbitals
  • E9 orbitals


How many orbitals are found in the s subshell?

  • A1 orbital
  • B2 orbitals
  • C5 orbitals
  • D3 orbitals
  • E7 orbitals

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