Worksheet: Liters

In this worksheet, we will practice how to use measuring jugs to measure volume in liters and to compare the volumes of objects.


We can measure volume in liters. This jug holds 1 liter of water.

This bottle holds two jugs of water.

What is the volume of the bottle?

These two bottles are the same size.

What is the total volume of water they can hold?


We measure volume in liters. One liter is written as 1 L.

What is the volume of this watering can?

What is the volume of the sink?


Here is a measuring jug that holds a liter of water, a bucket, and a cup.

Pick the object that has a capacity of more than 1 liter.

  • ACup
  • BBucket


Which has the larger capacity, one bucket or one sink?

  • AOne bucket
  • BThey have the same capacity.
  • COne sink

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