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Lesson Worksheet: Converting and Comparing Area: Customary Units Mathematics

In this worksheet, we will practice how to convert between area units in the customary system and use this skill to solve real-world problems.


Elizabeth wants to buy a couch that is 82 inches long. The wall she wants to place it against is 6 ft8 in. Will the couch fit? If not, why?

  • ANo, the wall is 2 inches too narrow
  • BYes
  • CNo, the wall is 10 inches too narrow


Fill in the blanks: 3=ydft.


Fill in the blanks: 3=ftin.


Noah’s quilt has an area of 81 square feet and is made out of square patches with a length of 9 inches. How many patches are there?


A teacher asked one of his students to convert the area of a room of 165 ft2 into square yards. He said, “The area of the room is 55 yd2.” Is this answer correct?

  • AYes
  • BNo


The area of a school football field is 3,480 square yards. If the width of the field is 120 feet, how long is it?


Fill in the blank: 2=ydin.


Scarlett wants to buy a rug for the living room to cover most of it. If the length of the living room is 13 feet and its area is 13 square yards, which rug size would fit better?

  • A(3×5)squarefeet
  • B(5×8)squarefeet
  • C(9×12)squarefeet
  • D(8×10)squarefeet
  • E(12×15)squarefeet


Fill in the blank: 288=inft.


Which of the following figures shows a student’s desk that has a surface area of 3 ft2?

  • A
  • B
  • C
  • D
  • E

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