Lesson Worksheet: The Solar Eclipse Science

In this worksheet, we will practice describing what happens during a solar eclipse and explaining how to safely look at eclipses.


Anthony and Scarlett are talking about the Sun.

Who is right?

  • AScarlett
  • BAnthony


Fill in the blank: A solar eclipse happens when .

  • Athe Moon is between Earth and the Sun
  • Bthe Sun, the Moon, and Earth are not in a straight line
  • Cthe Sun is between Earth and the Moon
  • DEarth is between the Moon and the Sun


It is dangerous to look directly at a solar eclipse.

solar eclipse

What type of rays coming from the Sun can cause blindness?

  • AUltraviolet rays
  • BInfrared rays
  • CBoth infrared rays and ultraviolet rays


Looking directly at a solar eclipse is dangerous, so we must wear special glasses.

Young girl looking at the eclipse

Which part of the eye can be affected by dangerous rays from the Sun?

  • AThe sclera
  • BThe pupil
  • CThe optic nerve
  • DThe retina
  • EThe eye muscles


A solar eclipse occurs when Earth, the Moon, and the Sun are in an almost straight line.

Fill in the blank: In order to be positioned correctly for a solar eclipse, Earth and the Moon have to so that the Moon is directly between Earth and the Sun.

  • Arotate every 24 hours
  • Btilt toward the Sun
  • Corbit the Sun
  • Dspin on their axes


When does a solar eclipse occur?

  • ANighttime
  • BDaytime
  • CEither daytime or nighttime


Which of these diagrams shows a solar eclipse?

  • A
  • B
  • C


Fill in the blank: is an astronomical phenomenon in which the shadow of the Moon blocks sunlight from reaching Earth partially or fully.

  • AA lunar eclipse
  • BA solar eclipse
  • CNeither answer is correct.


Which of the following celestial bodies must exist on a straight line for a solar eclipse to happen?

  • AThe Sun and Earth
  • BThe Sun, the Moon, and Earth
  • CThe Sun and the Moon
  • DThe Sun, the Moon, and Mars


True or False: In space, Earth rotates around the Sun in an orbit, and the Moon also rotates around the Sun in an orbit.

  • ATrue
  • BFalse

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