Worksheet: Density of a 3D Object

In this worksheet, we will practice how to find the density of a 3-dimensional object and how to solve word problems on density.


A submarine has a volume of 1 0 0 5 cubic feet. Its density must be less than or equal to 62.43 pounds per cubic foot to float on the surface of the water. What is the greatest possible mass that the submarine could have before sinking?


A large balloon has a volume of 1.767 cubic feet. It is filled with helium, which has a density of 0.010238 pounds per cubic foot. What is the mass, in pounds and correct to three decimal places, of the helium in the balloon?

  • A0.224 pounds
  • B0.009 pounds
  • C0.124 pounds
  • D0.018 pounds
  • E0.127 pounds

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