Lesson Worksheet: Multiplying Mixed Numbers: Area Models Mathematics • 5th Grade

In this worksheet, we will practice finding the product of two mixed numbers using area models and solving problems to find the area of rectangles whose side lengths are fractions and mixed numbers.


Benjamin is multiplying mixed numbers using an area model.

Write a multiplication equation to show the calculation.

  • A213×316=7718
  • B416×413=18118
  • C413×216=9718
  • D416×213=91318
  • E216×213=5118


Which of the following models represents the product of 512×414?

  • A
  • B
  • C
  • D
  • E

Use this model to find 512×414.

  • A2418
  • B2118
  • C2758
  • D2338
  • E1878


A farmer has a plot of land. He plants part of it as shown in the following model.

Use the model to find the planted area.

  • A61118
  • B7718
  • C8518
  • D81118
  • E6718


Use the following model to calculate 113×112.


Liam wants to paint a wall that is 313 meters high and 214 meters wide.

What is the area of the wall?

Hint: Use an area model to multiply mixed numbers.

  • A712 m2
  • B1015 m2
  • C814 m2
  • D545 m2
  • E634 m2


Find 215×623 using an area model.

  • A1423
  • B1478
  • C12215
  • D1223
  • E1323


Using the given area model, complete the following: 217×345=.

  • A827
  • B817
  • C6435
  • D617
  • E717


Find the area of the blue part in the given model.

  • A1216
  • B1416
  • C1537
  • D1316
  • E1516


Amelia solved 416×213 using an area model as shown.

In the same way, find 235×827.

  • A1612
  • B2134
  • C211935
  • D2012
  • E16635


Ethan and Jackson are trying to find the area of the green part in the given area model. Ethan says that it is 211935, and Jackson says that it is 16635. Who is right?

  • AJackson
  • BEthan

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