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Worksheet: Subtraction Story Problems with the Unknown in Any Position


A child had 7 marbles in their pocket, but 4 fell out. How many marbles are left?


A young girl has 5 books in her library, and she read 2 of them. How many books does she still have to read?


Goblins were attacking a castle. After 6 goblins were defeated, there were 3 left. How many goblins were there at the start?


A child had 6 balloons. 2 were blown away. How many are left?

  • A3 balloons
  • B6 balloons
  • C8 balloons
  • D4 balloons


A child had 9 balloons. 5 were blown away. How many are left?

  • A6 balloons
  • B9 balloons
  • C11 balloons
  • D4 balloons


A pirate found 16 jewels in a treasure chest. But 7 jewels were stolen.

Which picture shows this?

  • A
  • B