Worksheet: Subtraction Story Problems with the Unknown in Any Position

In this worksheet, we will practice finding the missing number in subtraction story problems describing situations of “taking from” and “taking apart.”


A child had 7 marbles in their pocket, but 4 fell out. How many marbles are left?


A child had 6 balloons. 2 were blown away. How many are left?

  • A3 balloons
  • B6 balloons
  • C8 balloons
  • D4 balloons


A young girl has 5 books in her library, and she read 2 of them. How many books does she still have to read?


Goblins were attacking a castle. After 6 goblins were defeated, there were 3 left. How many goblins were there at the start?


A pirate found 16 jewels in a treasure chest. But 7 jewels were stolen.

Which picture shows this?

  • A
  • B