Lesson Worksheet: Missing Numbers in Subtraction Equations Mathematics • Kindergarten

In this worksheet, we will practice finding any missing number in a subtraction equation when subtracting within 10.


Fill in the blank: 3=2.


Fill in the blank: 7=2


Goblins were attacking a castle. After 6 goblins were defeated, there were 3 left. How many goblins were there at the start?


Find the missing number.


How many blocks do you have to take away so that the number of blocks on each side is equal?


Complete the following:

7 is 3.


Jacob had $6. He drank coffee for $. Now he has $1. 6=1

How much did the coffee cost?


Find the number that makes the equation correct.


Mason drew this model to check that 9 is the missing number in the equation.

When he took away 3 from 9, he was left with 6.

Find the missing number in this equation.

Draw a model to check your answer.


There were apples.

Olivia ate 2 of them.

There are 3 apples now.

What is the missing number?


Jennifer and Matthew had 9 cookies. They ate some for breakfast. The picture shows the leftover cookies. How many cookies did they eat?

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