Worksheet: Accuracy, Precision, and Repeatability

In this worksheet, we will practice distinguishing between and describing the accuracy of measurements and their precision and repeatability.


The concentration of a solution is known to be 0.101 M. A student determines the concentration to be 0.088 M, 0.087 M, and 0.089 M for each titration performed. Which of the following best describes these results?

  • AThe results are accurate but not precise.
  • BThe results are precise but not accurate.
  • CNot enough information is given to determine accuracy or precision.
  • DThe results are neither accurate nor precise.
  • EThe results are both accurate and precise.


Which of the following data sets is the most precise?

  • A16.7 g, 16.8 g, 16.9 g
  • B12.1 g, 12.2 g, 12.1 g
  • C22.6 g, 22.6 g, 36.8 g
  • D13.2 g, 13.2 g, 13.4 g
  • E12.4 g, 15.0 g, 13.9 g


Consider the results of the archery competition shown in the figure.

Which archer is the most precise?

  • AY
  • BW
  • CX
  • DZ

Which archer is the most accurate?

  • AW
  • BZ
  • CY
  • DX

Which archer is the least precise?

  • AX
  • BW
  • CZ
  • DY


Given the illustrations of accuracy and precision shown, which figure represents a result that is accurate but not precise?

  • A
  • B
  • C
  • D

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