Lesson Worksheet: Estimating Length: Customary Units Mathematics • 4th Grade

In this worksheet, we will practice how to estimate the lengths of different real-life objects by choosing the most logical unit of length and value in customary units.


Which of the following heights could be the cruising altitude for an airliner?

  • A35,000 miles
  • B35,000 ft
  • C35,000 m
  • D35,000 yd
  • E35,000 km


Choose an appropriate unit for measuring the width of the Atlantic Ocean.

  • AYards
  • BFeet
  • CCentimeters
  • DMiles
  • EInches


Which is a more reasonable estimate for the length of a bedroom: 1 rod or 4 rods?


Matthew wants to know the approximate height of a mountain. Would it be more accurate to have an approximation given to the nearest mile, yard, or foot?

  • Ato the nearest yard
  • Bto the nearest foot
  • Cto the nearest mile


Natalie, using a clinometer, worked out the height of an oak tree to be 63 miles. What did she do wrong?

  • AShe missed adding 1,000.
  • BShe missed off a zero.
  • CShe missed dividing by 1,000.
  • DShe missed multiplying by 1,000.
  • EShe used the wrong units.


Daniel wants to measure the height of a door frame as accurately as possible. Should he measure its height to the nearest quarter, eighth, or sixteenth of an inch?

  • Ato the nearest eighth of an inch
  • Bto the nearest quarter of an inch
  • Cto the nearest sixteenth of an inch


Choose an appropriate unit for measuring the distance between two cities.

  • AMiles
  • BYards
  • CFeet
  • DCentimeters
  • EInches


Daniel wants to estimate the length of a journey from the east coast to the west coast of the USA.

What would be a disadvantage to estimating this distance in feet?

  • AThe number would be very small and difficult to visualize.
  • BThe number would be very large.

What would be an advantage to estimating the distance in miles?

  • AThe number would be larger and easier to visualize.
  • BThe number would very small and difficult to visualize.


If you are estimating the height of a person, which units of measure would be most appropriate to use?

  • Ayards and feet
  • Bfeet and inches
  • Cmiles and yards


Which of the following can be the height of a tree?

  • A2 yards
  • B20 feet
  • C15 inches

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