Lesson Worksheet: Multiplication by 5 Mathematics

In this worksheet, we will practice multiplying numbers up to 10 by 5 using models or patterns.


Consider the following diagram.

We notice that when we multiply by 5, each row is 5 more than the previous one.

Find the result of the following.

Find the result of the following.


How many fives are there in 45?


Complete: ×5=45.


Find the missing product: 8×5=.


Fawaz starts writing the five times table, but his paper gets ripped.

Fill in the blank by reciting the five times table: 6×5=.


Each hand has 5 fingers. How many fingers do both hands have?

How many fingers are there in 2 people’s hands?


We can calculate 5×4 using the number line by making 4 jumps of 5 as shown.

Thus, we know that 5×4=20.

Use the number line to calculate 5×7.

Which number line should be used to calculate 5×9?

  • A
  • B
  • C
  • D


Bandar works 5 days per week. How many days does Bandar work in 2 weeks?


In a school basketball league, each team consists of 5 players.

Use the given model to find out how many players are in 4 teams.

Write an equation to model and find how many players are in 7 teams.

  • A9×5=35
  • B9×5=45
  • C7×5=35
  • D7×5=40


A teacher seats the students in her classes in groups of five. How many students are there in 2 groups?

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