Worksheet: Sharing Equally

In this worksheet, we will practice sharing objects fairly between a number of groups.


A fisherman has 10 fish. If he distributes them equally among 2 bowls, how many fish will be in each bowl?


There are 28 balls.

After making 4 equal groups, there will be balls in each group.


Give each girl the same number of apples. Each girl gets apple(s).


There are 16 flowers.

Amelia wants to put the same number of flowers in each vase. There are 2 vases. How many flowers will be in each vase?


Noah is preparing for a party.

He has 15 cakes. There are 5 tables.

He wants to put the same number of cakes on each table.

He is going to make a model to find out how many cakes should go on each table.

Find the number to finish the sentence.

How many cakes will be on each table?

Hint: How many counters are in each group?


Mason wants to divide 20 toys equally between 2 people. How many toys does each person get?

Hint: Put counters into groups or draw a picture.


Liam has 8 candies. He wants to divide them fairly between himself and his friend.

They want to make a model to show how to share the candies.

Pick the correct model.

  • A
  • B
  • C

If he divides 8 candies equally between 2 people, they each get candies.

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