Worksheet: Hundreds

In this worksheet, we will practice defining a hundred as 10 tens or 100 ones, modeling100 with place value blocks, andcountinghundreds to 1000.


Complete the sentence:

If we have 600 ones, we have bundles of ten tens.


Look at the model. Ethan composed a three-digit number using bundles of 10 tens.

Which number did he make?


Find the correct way to describe 900.

  • A9 bundles of 10 tens
  • B90 bundles of 10 tens
  • C900 bundles of 10 tens
  • D9 bundles of ones


100 can be thought of as a bundle of 10 tens—called a “hundred”.

Here, 10 rods of ten have been bundled together to build a hundred block.

Use this model to help you find how many hundred blocks make 200.


Which picture shows the number 300?

  • A
  • B
  • C


Place value is all about groups of ten.

10 ones make 1 ten and 10 tens make 1 hundred.

How many groups of 10 make 2 hundreds?


If we have 2 bundles of 10 tens, we can express them as ones.


How can we express 5 bundles of 10 tens in digits?


This place value block is one hundred.

How can we show three hundred?

  • A
  • B
  • C
  • D


Pick one way to express 100.

  • AOne hundred
  • BOne ten
  • CTwo thousands
  • DOne thousand


There are 100 balls in each box. How many balls are there in total?


Each jar contains 100 candies.

Count in hundreds to find how many candies there are.

Write the answer in digits.

Write the number of candies in words.

  • AFive hundred
  • BSix hundred
  • CFour hundred


Each jar contains 100 pieces of candy. How many pieces of candy are there altogether?


Each office building has 100 floors.

Skip count by 100s to find the total number of floors.


How many marbles are there?


We can count in hundreds.

Write the missing number in words.

  • ASix hundred
  • BFour hundred
  • CFive hundred

Write the missing number in digits.


Each box contains 100 paper clips.

Count in hundreds to find how many paper clips there are.

Write the number in words.

  • ASeven hundred
  • BSix hundred
  • CEight hundred

Write the number in digits.


If we put 10 ones in a line, we get a ten.

So, one ten is 10 times as many as 1. We can write this as 10=10×1.

If we put 10 tens together, we get a hundred.

Complete the sentence: One hundred is times as many as 10.

Write an equation that shows this.

  • A90=9×10
  • B100=10×10
  • C20=10×10
  • D10=10×1
  • E100=90×10


What is the value of the colored place value block?

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