Lesson Worksheet: The Ozone Layer Science

In this worksheet, we will practice explaining the importance of the ozone layer and the ways in which it can be damaged.


Which of the following is a balanced reaction equation for the formation of ozone?

  • AOO23
  • BOO+O32
  • CO+OO23
  • D2O3O33
  • EO2O+O23


In high concentrations, the color of ozone can be observed. What color is ozone gas?

  • APale blue
  • BWhite
  • CDark blue
  • DPale yellow
  • EGreen


Which of the following is not an action we can take to protect the ozone layer?

  • AAvoiding using products that contain CFCs
  • BBuying local goods to reduce transportation
  • CEnsuring air conditioners do not leak
  • DUsing more insecticides on crops
  • EWalking and cycling to minimize car use


Why is the ozone layer essential to surface-dwelling life on Earth?

  • AThe ozone layer filters out harmful UV rays from the Sun.
  • BThe ozone layer provides a weather-free zone for aircraft to fly through.
  • CThe ozone later acts as a shield preventing meteors from hitting the surface of Earth.
  • DThe ozone layer helps birds navigate during their yearly migrations.
  • EThe ozone layer allows clouds to form as part of the water cycle.


What unit is used to measure the amount of atmospheric ozone?

  • ADobson
  • BJoule
  • CGram
  • DCelsius
  • ERichter


Consider the following equation: O2O2 What is responsible for causing the oxygen molecule to split into two free oxygen atoms?

  • ACarbon dioxide
  • BHeat from the Sun
  • CGreenhouse gases
  • DAcid rain
  • EUltraviolet radiation


Why is it that ultrasonic aircraft can negatively impact the ozone layer?

  • AThe aircraft create powerful sound waves.
  • BThe aircraft exhaust contains nitrogen oxides.
  • CThe aircraft heat up the ozone.
  • DThe aircraft exhaust contains carbon dioxide.
  • EThe aircraft disturb the clouds of ozone.


In which layer of the atmosphere would you find the ozone layer?

  • ATroposphere
  • BStratosphere
  • CThermosphere
  • DMesopause
  • EExosphere


In September of each year in the Antarctic, the rate of ozone destruction increases. Why does the formation of these Antarctic ozone holes occur during September?

  • ASeptember is springtime in the Antarctic and a lot of methane gas is created by animals coming out of hibernation.
  • BSeptember is summertime in the Antarctic and the region receives more sunlight.
  • CSeptember is fall in the Antarctic and the fishing season brings many boats that pollute the ice.
  • DSeptember is springtime in the Antarctic and sunlight reaches the region.
  • ESeptember is a busy industrial period for Argentina, Australia, and South Africa and levels of air pollution increase.


What is the chemical formula of a molecule of ozone?

  • ACO
  • BO
  • CCO2
  • DO2
  • EO3

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