Worksheet: NMR Sample Preparation

In this worksheet, we will practice describing sample preparation for NMR spectroscopy, including selection of solvent, filtration, and concentration.


Which of the following would be a poor choice as a proton NMR solvent?

  • AToluene
  • BDeuterium oxide
  • CCarbon tetrachloride
  • DAcetone-D6


Which of the following is not a reason why tetramethylsilane (TMS) is often used for a reference in NMR spectroscopy?

  • AIt is easily removed from the sample after analysis.
  • BIt gives a single, sharp peak in a region where other organic molecules do not have signals.
  • CIt is chemically inert and miscible with organic solvents.
  • DIts signal appears at the same frequency regardless of the applied magnetic field.


In which of the following ways is magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) an application of NMR spectroscopy?

  • AIt scans for unique nuclei within human tissues.
  • BIt allows for a noninvasive measure of bone density.
  • CIt measures the distribution of hydrogen nuclei in the body.
  • DIt measures the distribution of carbon nuclei in the body.

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