Worksheet: Stability Constants

In this worksheet, we will practice calculating formation constants for Lewis acid–base adducts based on their concentrations.


The 𝐾f value of [Zn(CN)]42 is 2.1×10. What is the equilibrium concentration of Zn2+ in a solution with initial concentrations [Zn]=0.150M2+ and [CN]=3.00M?

  • A2.2×10 M
  • B7.4×10 M
  • C4.8×10 M
  • D9.8×10 M
  • E3.0×10 M


The formation constant, 𝐾f, of [Fe(CN)]63 is 2.0×10. What is the equilibrium concentration of Fe3+ when 0.0888 moles of K[Fe(CN)]36 are added to 0.100 L of a 1.00×10 MNaCN solution?

  • A5.0×10 M
  • B4.4×10 M
  • C5.5×10 M
  • D4.4×10 M
  • E7.0×10 M


What is the Co2+ equilibrium concentration when 0.080 moles of [Co(NH)](NO)3632 is added to 1.00 L of a solution with 0.025MNH3? Take 𝐾1.3×10f362+([Co(NH)])=.


What is the equilibrium concentration of Cu2+ in a solution initially with 0.050 MCu2+ and 1.00 MNH3? Use 𝐾f[Cu(NH)]=342+1.7×10.

  • A3.7×10 M
  • B7.2×10 M
  • C6.2×10 M
  • D1.8×10 M
  • E5.9×10 M

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