Lesson Worksheet: Line Plots Mathematics

In this worksheet, we will practice using line plots to analyze data, communicate information, and get insights from data.


The dot plot shows the different scores achieved in a game. What was the highest score?


How many families have at least 4 children?


The dot plot shows the shoe sizes of students in a grade 9 class.

What is the largest shoe size of a student in the class?


Mr. Sanchez recorded the number of books each student borrowed from the school library in a week. By how much does the number of students who borrowed 0 or 1 book exceed the number who borrowed 8 or 9 books?


How many families have fewer than 3 children?


The line plot shows the number of comic books owned by a group of students. How many comic books are owned by each of exactly 4 students?


Determine how many of the activities represented on the line plot burn 4 calories per minute.


The dot plot shows the different scores achieved in a quiz. What was the lowest score?


The line plot shows the number of people who subscribed to an online course in June. The deadline for subscription was the 20th of June, and there was a discount for subscriptions 5 or more days before the deadline. How many people received the discount?


The given line plot shows the quiz scores of students in a history class. How many students scored less than 14?

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