Worksheet: The Van Der Waals Equation

In this worksheet, we will practice using the van der Waals equation to model the behavior of a nonideal gas, using the gas-specific constants a and b.


Which of the following gases has the largest molecular volume?

  • A C O 2
  • B C O
  • C H 2
  • D S F 6
  • E H e


The van der Waals equation is a modification of the ideal gas law. Which of the following factors is not accounted for in these modifications?

  • AThe attractive forces between particles
  • BThe volume of the particles
  • CThe repulsive forces between particles
  • DThe forces between the particles and the walls of the container


A 4.25-L flask contains 3.46 mol C O 2 at 2 2 9 C . By what percentage does the pressure predicted by the van der Waals equation differ from the value predicted by the ideal gas law? For C O 2 in the van der Waals equation, the value of 𝑎 is 3.59 L2⋅atm/mol2 and the value of 𝑏 is 0.0427 L/mol.

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