Worksheet: The Van Der Waals Equation

In this worksheet, we will practice using the van der Waals equation to model the behavior of a nonideal gas, using the gas-specific constants a and b.


Which of the following gases has the largest molecular volume?

  • ACO2
  • BSF6
  • CH2
  • DHe
  • ECO


The van der Waals equation is a modification of the ideal gas law. Which of the following factors is not accounted for in these modifications?

  • AThe volume of the particles
  • BThe attractive forces between particles
  • CThe repulsive forces between particles
  • DThe forces between the particles and the walls of the container


A 4.25 L flask contains 3.46 molCO2 at 229C. By what percentage does the pressure predicted by the van der Waals equation differ from the value predicted by the ideal gas law? For CO2 in the van der Waals equation, the value of 𝑎 is 3.59 L2⋅atm/mol2 and the value of 𝑏 is 0.0427 L/mol.

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