Lesson Worksheet: Parts of a Circle Mathematics

In this worksheet, we will practice identifying the radius, diameter, and circumference of a circle and measure to find their lengths.


True or False: The diameter is longer than the radius in a circle.

  • AFalse
  • BTrue


True or False: The diameter is longer than the circumference in a circle.

  • ATrue
  • BFalse


What is the length of the radius in the given circle?


Which of the points is the center of the given circle?

  • AThe blue point
  • BThe red point
  • CThe purple point
  • DThe orange point


What is the length of the diameter in the given circle?


True or False: The radius of a circle is longer than its circumference.

  • ATrue
  • BFalse


Which is the longest in a circle, the diameter, the radius, or the circumference?

  • AThe diameter
  • BThe circumference
  • CThe radius


If we wrap a string around a circle and measure the string’s length, what does this length represent, the radius, the diameter, or the circumference?

  • AThe circumference
  • BThe radius
  • CThe diameter

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