Worksheet: PH Indicators

In this worksheet, we will practice describing the color changes of common pH indicators and identifying suitable pH indicators for particular titrations.


Fill in the blanks: Litmus is a mixture of dyes extracted from lichen. It can be used to detect if solutions are acidic or basic. It is in acidic solutions and in basic solutions.

  • Ared, blue
  • Bblue, red
  • Cgreen, blue
  • Dcolorless, pink
  • Epink, colorless


What is the key feature of a chemical that makes it useful as a pH indicator?

  • AColor changes with varying pH
  • BSolubility in water
  • CLow molar mass
  • DCheapness
  • ELow reactivity


Fill in the blanks: Methyl orange is a useful indicator, particularly for titrations against acids. It is in strongly acidic solutions and in basic solutions.

  • Ayellow, red
  • Bred, yellow
  • Cyellow, blue
  • Dpink, colorless
  • Ered, blue

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