Lesson Worksheet: Finding Percents Mentally Mathematics

In this worksheet, we will practice finding percents mentally by using a fraction or decimals.


If David answered 60% of the questions on his quiz correctly, and the quiz had 10 questions, determine the number of questions he answered correctly.


Determine the total cost for a shirt if its regular price is $24 and the sales tax is 712%.


The value of Sophia’s car, which was $1,200, has decreased by 15%. What is her car worth now?


Given a student answers 50% of the questions on an exam correctly and 10 questions incorrectly, what was the total number of questions on the exam?


If there is a 20% discount on a TV set, calculate the percentage by which the sale price must be increased in order to get the original price.


By dividing by 4, calculate 25% of 900 mentally.


By dividing by 2, calculate 50% of 32 mentally.


By dividing by 10 and then multiplying by 3, calculate 30% of 90 mentally.


The school football team won 60% of their matches. If they played 10 matches, how many matches did they lose?


A student needs to get 70% on a mathematics exam to pass. If he answers 15 questions correctly out of 30, how many questions more does he need to answer correctly?

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