Worksheet: Separating Mixtures

In this worksheet, we will practice identifying techniques that can be used to separate different mixtures.


The separation technique that involves heating a liquid until it changes into a gaseous state is known as .

  • Aevaporation
  • Bsieving
  • Cfiltering
  • Dcondensation


When salt is mixed with water, it dissolves.

What method can we use to separate the salt from the water?

  • AUsing tweezers to take the salt out of the water
  • BSieving the solution so the salt is left behind
  • CFiltering the solution so the salt is left behind
  • DEvaporating the water so the salt is left behind


Which method could you use to separate a mixture of flour and chocolate chips?

Dry chocolate chip cookie mix - 72 ppi
  • AUsing evaporation
  • BUsing a magnet
  • CUsing a sieve
  • DUsing a filter


True or False: Sand and gravel can be separated using a sieve.

  • AFalse
  • BTrue


What is the best method to separate the green buttons from the other buttons?

  • AUse a filter.
  • BUse a magnet.
  • CUse a sieve.
  • DUse your fingers.


Which method is the barista using to keep the coffee and water separate?

Hand drip coffee pouring - 72 ppi
  • AHe is freezing the coffee.
  • BHe is sieving the coffee.
  • CHe is evaporating the coffee.
  • DHe is filtering the coffee.


How can a sugar–water solution be separated?

Sugar water - 72 ppi
  • AUsing a sieve
  • BUsing a magnet
  • CUsing evaporation
  • DUsing a filter


The photograph shows a man panning for gold. Which method is he using to separate the rocks and the water?

Man panning for gold - 72 ppi
  • AFiltering
  • BEvaporating
  • CSieving
  • DMelting


The photograph shows a pancake mixture.

Liquid mix for pancakes-72 ppi

How can the eggs be separated from this mixture?

  • ACannot be separated
  • BUsing evaporation
  • CUsing a sieve
  • DUsing a filter


How would you separate a bowl of paper clips and marbles?

  • AUsing a filter
  • BUsing a magnet
  • CUsing evaporation
  • DUsing a sieve


Which property does a substance that dissolves have?

Solubility-72 ppi
  • AElasticity
  • BElectrical conductivity
  • CSolubility
  • DMagnetism


Which of the following ingredients is soluble in water?

  • AOil
  • BWood
  • CSand
  • DCoffee

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