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Worksheet: Volume of Prisms and Pyramids


Given that the volume of each small cube is 1 cubic unit, find the volume of this prism.


Each of these rectangular prisms is made up of unit cubes. Which has a volume of 9 cubic units?

  • A
  • B
  • C
  • D


Daniel and Chloe are calculating the volume of a rectangular prism with length 22 m, height 13 m, width 6 m. Daniel said that the volume is 1 716 m3, and Chloe said it was 78 m3. Who is correct?

  • ADaniel
  • BChloe


The bigger triangular prism has a volume of 6 400 cubic meters. The dimensions of the smaller prism are one-fourth of the dimensions of the bigger prism. What is the volume of the smaller prism?


Find the volume of the given oblique rectangular prism.


Determine the volume of an oblique hexagonal prism with a base area of 125 square centimeters and a perpendicular height of 10.4 centimeters.


Determine, to the nearest hundredth, the volume of the given pyramid.


A triangular pyramid has a triangle with base 9.5 and height 8. If the height of the pyramid is 12.2, what is its volume, to the nearest hundredth?


Determine, to the nearest tenth, the volume of the given solid.


If the base area of the shown solid is 1 970 cm2, determine, to the nearest tenth, its volume.


Find, to one decimal place, the volume of a triangular pyramid with a height of 7 centimeters, where the right-triangular base has a leg of 5 centimeters and a hypotenuse of 6.7 centimeters.


Find the volume of the following regular pyramid approximating the result to the nearest hundredth.


Given that a square pyramid has a base perimeter of 24 cm and a height of 23 cm, determine its volume in cubic centimeters.

  • A 1 104
  • B184
  • C828
  • D276


Find the volume of a right square pyramid whose height is 45 cm and base side length is 25 cm.

  • A 16 875 cm3
  • B 28 125 cm3
  • C 3 125 cm3
  • D 9 375 cm3


Find the height of a regular pyramid whose volume is 196 cm3 and base area is 42 cm2.


Given that a square pyramid has a volume of 372 cm3 and a height of 31 cm, determine the perimeter of its base.

  • A 36 cm
  • B 6 cm
  • C 124 cm
  • D 24 cm


Determine, to the nearest hundredth, the volume of the given solid.