Worksheet: Venn Diagrams and Logic

In this worksheet, we will practice applying the law of detachment using Venn diagrams and judging the validity of a conclusion based on the validity of the hypothesis.


We can use Venn diagrams to model conditional statements.

Which Venn diagram models the following two statements?

  1. If an animal is a fish, then it lives in water.
  2. Dolphins live in water.
  • A
  • B
  • C
  • D

Use the Venn diagram to determine whether the following statement is valid:

All dolphins are fish.

  • ANot valid
  • BValid


Consider the following Venn diagram.

Which conditional statement is represented by the diagram?

  • AIf a student scored over 9 0 % , then they got an A.
  • BIf a student got an A, then they scored over 9 0 % .

Use the Venn diagram to decide whether the following statement is valid: If Maged scored less than 9 0 % , then he did not get an A.

  • ANot valid
  • BValid

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