Lesson Worksheet: Puberty Science

In this worksheet, we will practice defining adolescence and puberty, and describing the changes that commonly occur in males and females during puberty.


Which of the following best explains what adolescence is?

  • AThe physical changes that occur as an adult matures
  • BThe change in behavior, such as becoming more short tempered and stressed, that occurs in teenagers
  • CThe physical and emotional changes that occur as a child develops into an adult
  • DThe development of sex organs that occurs when a child reaches puberty


Which of the following changes occurs in males only during puberty?

  • AThe voice deepens or breaks.
  • BPubic hair begins to grow.
  • CPeriods start.
  • DBreasts develop.


In the female body, where are the majority of the sex hormones made?

  • AOvaries
  • BBreasts
  • CCervix
  • DVagina
  • EBrain


Which of the following is the main male sex hormone?

  • ATestosterone
  • BProgesterone
  • CAdrenaline
  • DEstrogen
  • ESerotonin


What molecules in the human body are responsible for causing the physical and emotional changes that occur during puberty?

  • AEnzymes
  • BWhite blood cells
  • CSugars
  • DNeurotransmitters
  • EHormones


In the male body, where is the majority of the sex hormones made?

  • ATestes
  • BBrain
  • CPancreas
  • DScrotum
  • EOvaries


Which of the following changes occurs in females only during puberty?

  • AFacial hair grows visibly.
  • BPeriods begin.
  • CThe voice deepens or breaks.
  • DPubic hair begins to grow.


During adolescence, the body goes through physical and hormonal changes. What term is given to these changes?

  • AInfancy
  • BTransitions
  • CPuberty
  • DAdaptations

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