Lesson Worksheet: Subtracting Fractions from Mixed Numbers: No Regrouping Mathematics

In this worksheet, we will practice subtracting a proper fraction from a mixed number, where their denominators are multiples of the same number, by partitioning the mixed number and writing equivalent fractions.


There are 246 pizzas. Jackson and his friend eat 23 of a pizza. How many pizzas are left?


Use the given model to find 315110.

  • A110
  • B315
  • C15
  • D2110
  • E3110


Use the given model to find 23814.

  • A258
  • B224
  • C218
  • D18
  • E118


Fares is trying to solve 351015.

Fares’s friend Sarah claims that we can write 15 as 210 and solve 3510210 instead. Is Sarah correct?

  • AYes
  • BNo

Help Fares find the result.

  • A3110
  • B310
  • C2110
  • D3310
  • E2310


Calculate 21214.

  • A212
  • B112
  • C213
  • D14
  • E214


Use the following model to find the result of 256512.

  • A512
  • B712
  • C2512
  • D2712
  • E2112


What is the missing number in the part–whole model?

  • A1112
  • B1512
  • C1712
  • D11112
  • E712


Calculate 33412.

  • A314
  • B312
  • C214
  • D14
  • E323


A bottle contains 125 liters of water. If 110 of a liter is poured from the bottle, how many liters remain in the bottle? Express your answer in fraction form.

  • A310 of a liter
  • B1310 liters
  • C1110 liters
  • D135 liters
  • E35 of a liter


The typical length of a rufous hummingbird is 3110 inches, and the typical length of a broad-tailed hummingbird is 4 inches. How much shorter is the rufous hummingbird than a broad-tailed hummingbird?

  • A1110 in
  • B910 in
  • C2 in
  • D6 in
  • E1 in

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