Lesson Worksheet: Multiplying Mixed Numbers Mathematics • 5th Grade

In this worksheet, we will practice multiplying mixed numbers by both fractions and mixed numbers by either breaking apart the numbers or writing them as improper fractions.


Calculate 714×12.

  • A138
  • B718
  • C713
  • D829
  • E358


Evaluate 16×337.

  • A314
  • B187
  • C821
  • D47


Calculate 323×123.

  • A955
  • B349
  • C5
  • D423
  • E619


A man weighs 9745 kg on Earth and his weight on the moon is 16 of its value on Earth. Find the man’s weight on the moon.

  • A162930 kg
  • B16310 kg
  • C58645 kg
  • D58245 kg


Sophia is making spaghetti sauce. The recipe calls for 314 cups of water. If she wants to make 312 the amount of sauce in the recipe, how much water should she use?

  • A438 cups of water
  • B613 cups of water
  • C314 cups of water
  • D918 cups of water
  • E1138 cups of water


Evaluate 117×114.

  • A67
  • B1
  • C107
  • D3235




Find the volume of a wooden box that measures 235 by 318 by 312 feet.

  • A9940 ft3
  • B818 ft3
  • C28716 ft3
  • D101516 ft3
  • E18380 ft3


James wants to paint his bedroom wall that is 513 ft long and 514 ft wide. Determine the area of the wall.


Eight-fifths of a quarter=.

  • A52
  • B325
  • C25
  • D532

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