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Lesson Worksheet: Comparing the Sun to Other Stars Science

In this worksheet, we will practice comparing the size, warmth and brightness of our Sun compared to those of other stars.


Fill in the blanks: To observe the heat of the Sun, students in class A should the Sun and feel the on their backs.

Heat, thermometer shows the temperature is hot in the sky
  • Aface away from, warmth
  • Bface toward, cold
  • Cmove away from, wind


Students in class A observe the heat of the Sun on a hot day.

blue sky with clouds and sun reflection

What do they observe?

  • AThey can feel the heat of the Sun.
  • BThey cannot feel the heat of the Sun.
  • CThey can feel the heat of the stars.


This is the Sun.

Panoramic view of the Sun.

Why does the Sun appear larger than the other stars?

  • AThe stars are closer to Earth than the Sun.
  • BThe Sun is closer to Earth than the other stars.
  • CThe stars are smaller than the Sun.
  • DThe Sun is bigger than the other stars.


Compare the two images.

True or False: Objects further away appear smaller than their actual size.

  • ATrue
  • BFalse


Benjamin tries reading his book in the sunlight during the day and by the light of the stars in the night.

What does he notice about the brightness of the Sun and the stars?

  • AThe Sun appears brighter than the stars.
  • BThere is no difference in brightness between the Sun and the stars.
  • CThe stars appear brighter than the Sun.


Look at the Sun and the star Sirius.

What do you notice about the sizes of these stars?

  • AThe Sun appears larger than the star Sirius.
  • BThe star Sirius appears larger than the Sun.
  • CBoth stars are the same size.


Why can we feel the warmth of the Sun but not the warmth of the other stars?

Back light portrait of a happy single teen girl breathing fresh air at sunset in a park with a warm yellow light and urban background

  • AThe Sun is further away from Earth.
  • BThe Sun is hotter than the other stars.
  • CThe other stars are not as hot as the Sun.
  • DThe Sun is closer to Earth.


Fill in the blank: The Sun appears brighter than the other stars because it is .

  • Abigger than the other stars
  • Bsmaller than the other stars
  • Cfurther away from Earth
  • Dcloser to Earth


Look at these two pictures.

Fill in the blank: The Sun appears the other stars in the night sky.

  • Abrighter than
  • Bdimmer than
  • Cas bright as


Nabil is investigating the brightness of a flashlight.

Fill in the blank: When the light is moved closer to the wall, the light on the wall will .

  • Aget brighter
  • Bstay the same
  • Cget dimmer

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