Worksheet: Solubility Measurements

In this worksheet, we will practice describing gravimetric and spectroscopic methods for measuring the molar solubility and solubility product.


A saturated solution of potassium chloride is formed by addition of the solid to 50 mL of water. The solution is filtered and the remaining liquid evaporated. Using the data below, calculate the solubility of potassium chloride at 15C in grams of salt per 100 mL water. Use a value of 0.999 g/mL for the density of water at this temperature.

Temperature (C)Mass of evaporating basin (g)Mass of evaporating basin + salt solution (g)Mass of evaporating basin + salt (g)
  • A36.3 g per 100 mL water
  • B8.00 g per 100 mL water
  • C16.0 g per 100 mL water
  • D32.0 g per 100 mL water
  • E18.2 g per 100 mL water

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