Lesson Worksheet: Subtraction by Renaming Mathematics

In this worksheet, we will practice subtracting either a one-digit number or a two-digit number from a two-digit number using the fact that one ten equals ten ones.


Ali is subtracting 8 from 72. He drew this to show 72 as 7 tens and 2 ones.

Find the answer to 728 by subtracting 8 ones.

Hint: Try regrouping 1 ten into 10 ones to help.


Amer wants to calculate 527. He writes 52 as 4 tens and 12 ones to be able to subtract 7 from it.

Take away 7 ones. What is 527?


Karim has the number 76. He wants to carry out a subtraction using place value cups.

Karim wants to subtract 8 from 76, so he needs to regroup the tens by removing 1 straw from the tens cup and adding 10 straws to the ones cup, as shown in the following model.

Fill in the blank: 768=.


Khalid used place value blocks to show 64 in 6 tens and 4 ones.

He wants to take away 6 from 64. But there are not enough ones.

Pick another way he could make 64 so he can take away 6 ones.

  • A
  • B
  • C
  • D

Take away 6 ones to find 646.


A car park has 41 spaces. Two spaces are taken. How many are left?

Hint: Use a model to help you regroup and subtract.


Faisal has 23 marbles. He decides to give his friend Ali 6 marbles. How many marbles does Faisal have left?

Hint: Regroup to be able to subtract.


We can think about place value to help us subtract.

Pick the correct way to decompose 53 into tens and ones.

  • A
  • B

Subtract 7 from 53 by following these steps:

  • Regroup 1 ten into 10 ones.
  • Take away 7 ones.


Joury showed the number 64 using place value blocks. 64 is 6 tens and 4 ones.

She wants to subtract 7 ones. 64 is also 5 tens and 14 ones.

Use her model to find 647.


Subtract ones to find 557.

Hint: You may have to regroup.


Maryam collected 31 shells from the beach yesterday. She gave 7 of them to her friend. How many shells does she have left?

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