Worksheet: Converting between Energy and Frequency

In this worksheet, we will practice using the Planck constant to convert between energies and frequencies of electromagnetic waves.


The atomic emission spectrum of cesium contains lines at frequencies of 3.45×10 Hz and 6.53×10 Hz. Calculate the difference in energy between these two lines.


The combined energy of two photons is equal to that of one photon with a wavelength of 381 nm. The frequency of one photon is 360 THz. What is the energy of the second photon?

  • A3.10×10 J
  • B3.25×10 J
  • C1.77×10 J
  • D2.83×10 J
  • E2.39×10 J


A microwave oven emits photons with a frequency of 3.0×10 Hz. Calculate the energy of one emitted photon.

  • A2.0×10 J
  • B1.0×10 J
  • C3.2×10 J
  • D6.6×10 J
  • E1.2×10 J

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