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Practice: The Ideal Gas Law in terms of Number of Moles

Which of the following formulae is the ideal gas law, where 𝑃 is the pressure of the gas, 𝑉 is the volume of the gas, 𝑇 is the absolute temperature of the gas, 𝑛 is the number of moles of the gas, and 𝑅 is the molar gas constant?

  • A𝑃𝑉𝑇=𝑛𝑅
  • B𝑃𝑇=𝑛𝑅𝑉
  • C𝑅=𝑃𝑉𝑇𝑛
  • D𝑉𝑇=𝑛𝑅𝑃
  • E𝑃𝑉=𝑛𝑅𝑇

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