Worksheet: Representing Sequences

In this worksheet, we will practice representing a sequence as a function of a positive integer variable called an index (n).


Mrs. Jones has $3,250 in her bank account. If she plans to deposit $100 per month, write the first 6 terms of a sequence that would represent her monthly account balances starting with her current balance as the first term.

  • A3,350,3,450,3,550,3,650,3,750,3,850
  • B3,350,3,550,3,650,3,750,3,850,3,950
  • C3,250,3,350,3,450,3,550,3,650,3,750
  • D3,250,3,550,3,650,3,750,3,850,3,950
  • E3,250,3,450,3,550,3,650,3,750,3,850


Which of the following expressions can be used to find the 𝑛th term of the given sequence, where 𝑛 represents the position of a term in the sequence?

Value of Term58111417
  • A3𝑛+2
  • B𝑛+2
  • C3𝑛
  • D3𝑛+2
  • E𝑛+2

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