Worksheet: Adding Three Numbers

In this worksheet, we will practice adding three 1-digit numbers by adding in any order and using strategies like making ten or using doubles.


Complete the following: 1+5+4=.


Find the three numbers from 4, 1, 7, 9, and 2 whose sum is 10.

  • A7, 2, 1
  • B4, 2, 1
  • C4, 2, 9
  • D7, 2, 9




Jennifer was cleaning out her closet. She had 6 shirts, some dresses, and 4 pairs of pants.

If she had 13 pieces of clothing altogether, which of the following is the correct addition sentence?

  • A
  • B

How many dresses did she have?


There are 9 baskets with 10 apples in each and 5 more apples in a tree. How many apples are there all together?


Complete the following: 0+2+8=.


Find the missing number in 16+3+1=+1.

Using that 16+3+1=19+1, what is 16+3+1?


Benjamin had 5 chocolate bars, 4 lollipops, and 3 gummy bears.

In total, he had 5+4+3 candies.

Find another way to write the total number of candies.

  • A5+8
  • B5+7
  • C4+6
  • D4+4+3
  • E4+7


Find the missing number in 13+4+7=+7.


We will see how we can write 4+6+3 in different ways.

Find the missing number.

Find the missing number.

Complete the missing sum.

  • A7, 3
  • B7, 6
  • C4, 9
  • D11, 3
  • E4, 8

All of these sums are equal. What are they equal to?


Hannah has 20 counters.

Use the counters to find the missing number.


When we add three numbers, we can first add any two of them.

For example, to find 8+6+7, we could first add 8 and 6 to get 14 as the picture shows.

Now, can you find the missing number?


Am I using the equal sign correctly? Check if the two sums are equal.

  • Ayes
  • Bno


Am I using the equal sign correctly? Check if the two sums are equal.

  • Ano
  • Byes


Is the equal sign used correctly? Check if the two sums are equal.

  • ANo
  • BYes


Complete the following: 3+0+0+5=.


Check if the equal sign has been used correctly in 5+3+6=8+9. Are the two sums equal?

  • ANo
  • BYes

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