Lesson Worksheet: The Whole Breakdown Mathematics

In this worksheet, we will practice relating between decimals and fractions and between decimals or fractions and a whole by writing the number of tenths or hundredths in any whole number or decimal number and representing it as a fraction.


We can represent 1.3 in different ways using the shown place value counters.

Fill in the blanks: 1.3 = × ones counters + × tenths counters.

  • A3, 1
  • B1, 3
  • C1, 1
  • D3, 3

Fill in the blank: 1.3 = × tenths counters.

Fill in the blank: 1.3 = × hundredths counters.


We know that 0.10=1 tenth. Use this information to complete the following: 0.10= hundredths.


Which of the following is equivalent to 0.9?

  • A9 hundredths
  • B9 ones
  • C9 tenths


Dalia says that 0.1 is the standard form of 1 hundredth. Is she correct?

  • AYes
  • BNo


Consider the place value chart.

Complete the following: 0.36= hundredths.


Complete: 0.5=hundredths.


Fill in the blank: 42100=hundredths.


Fady and Adel tried to represent 42 hundredths as a fraction. Fady said 42100 and Adel said 40100. Who got it right?

  • AAdel
  • BFady

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