Worksheet: Calorimetry Methods

In this worksheet, we will practice describing the design of calorimeters and explaining the function of each instrumental feature.


What does a calorimeter measure?

  • AThe heat released or absorbed in a chemical or physical process
  • BThe amount of gas left in a gas cylinder
  • CThe color of a substance
  • DThe blast radius of an explosion


This is what a simple calorimeter might look like:

What is the primary reason for the use of Styrofoam for the walls of the calorimeter?

  • AIt is cheap, so the equipment does not cost a lot
  • BIt is very light, making it easy to handle
  • CIt is white, so it reflects light back into the liquid
  • DIt is easily molded into the right shape
  • EIt has thousands of voids, so it is mostly air, giving it a low thermal conductivity

Which component is necessary to ensure that the temperature is even throughout the liquid?

  • AThe cover
  • BThe Styrofoam cups
  • CThe thermometer
  • DThe stirrer


The bomb calorimeter is an instrument used to measure the of some substances.

  • Aheat of combustion
  • Bheat of dilution
  • Cheat of vaporisation
  • Dheat of formation

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