Lesson Worksheet: Adding Tens to Three-Digit Numbers Mathematics

In this worksheet, we will practice modeling adding a multiple of ten to a three-digit number and investigate which digits in the number change.


Count in tens to find the sum.


Look at how Natalie broke apart a number to help her add.

First, add the tens.


Then, add to find the total.


Look at how Ethan broke apart a number to help him add.

First, add the tens: 60+30=.

Then, add the tens to 204 to find 264+30.


Find the sum by adding the tens first.


Add the two numbers 328 and 20.


Calculate 438+40.


A supermarket has two bags of candies. If there are 237 candies in one of the bags and 30 candies in the other one, what is the total number of candies in the two bags?


If I add together 436 and 60, what will the tens digit of the sum be?


Matthew had 435 cents in his piggy bank, and he added 40 more cents. How many cents are in his piggy bank now?


Calculate 523+30.

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