Worksheet: Interpreting Remainders

In this worksheet, we will practice interpreting remainders in division problems when we divide a two-digit number by a one-digit number.


Complete the sentence: If π‘Ž is divisible by 𝑏, the remainder of π‘Žπ‘ is equal to .


40 dancers are training for a competition. To enter, they must be in teams of 7. How many teams can enter the competition?


A soap factory has received an order for 474 bars of soap. They package the soap into boxes, each of which can hold 45 bars of soap. Will all the boxes be full?

  • Ano
  • Byes


Is the remainder when 18,36,54,72,… is divided by 18, zero?

  • ANo
  • BYes


How many 20-centimeter-long tiles do I need to buy to make a row of tiles that is 170 cm long?

  • A8
  • B20
  • C7
  • D10
  • E9


40 athletes need transport to a sports competition. Each vehicle can hold 9 athletes. How many vehicles are needed?


Each table in the cafeteria has space for 8 students. David wants to know how many tables are needed for 77 students. He knows that when you divide 77 by 8 you get 9 and a remainder of 5.

How many tables are needed?

  • A11
  • B9
  • C8
  • D5
  • E10

Did you round the remainder up or down to find the answer?

  • Aup
  • Bdown


  • ABecause you need a table for the 5 students that are left over.
  • BBecause the remainder is an even number.
  • CBecause if the remainder is equal to or greater than 5, we have to round up.
  • DBecause you do not need any additional tables.
  • EBecause the remainder is an odd number.


A ribbon is 73 cm long. It is going to be cut into 12-centimeter-long pieces.

First, calculate 73Γ·12.

  • A7
  • B6 R 1
  • C6
  • D1 R 6
  • E12 R 1

State how many 12 cm pieces can be cut from the ribbon.

How long is the piece of ribbon that is left at the end?


31 pens will be equally distributed among 4 children. Find the maximum number of pens each child can receive and the number of remaining pens.

  • A8 pens each, 4 remain
  • B7 pens each, 4 remain
  • C8 pens each, 3 remain
  • D7 pens each, 3 remain


Anthony wants to take his friends to the theater. He has $80 and each ticket costs $9. We are going to work out how many tickets he can buy.

Which calculation will help us answer this question?

  • A80+9=89
  • B80βˆ’9=71
  • C9Γ·80=980
  • D80Γ·9=8𝑅8
  • E80Γ·9β‰…9

To find the number of tickets he can buy, should we ignore the remainder or round it up?

  • Aignore it
  • Bround it up


  • Abecause the remainder is greater than $5 and enough to buy an extra ticket
  • Bbecause the remainder is less than $9 and not enough to buy an extra ticket
  • Cbecause the remainder is less than $80 and not enough to buy an extra ticket
  • Dto buy one more ticket
  • Ebecause the remainder is an even number


Madison is making cubes by gluing together 6 squares. She has 46 squares and wants to know how many cubes she can make. She knows that when you divide 46 by 6 you get 7 and a remainder of 4.

How many cubes can she make?

  • A8
  • B9
  • C4
  • D6
  • E7

Did you round the remainder up or down to find the answer?

  • Aup
  • Bdown


  • ABecause if the remainder is less than 5 we have to round down.
  • BBecause the remainder is an odd number.
  • CBecause the 4 squares that remain will not make a complete cube.
  • DBecause the remainder is an even number.
  • EBecause the 4 squares that remain will make a complete cube.


It takes Daniel  40 minutes to paint a clay model. How many models can he finish painting in 3 hours?


If π‘ŽΓ·π‘=1, what is the value of 𝑏?

  • Aπ‘Ž
  • B0
  • C1
  • Dβˆ’π‘Ž
  • E1π‘Ž


A farmer packs eggs in boxes of 6. Today, his hens have laid 35 eggs. How many boxes can he fill completely?


Complete the given table using the example given.

Relation between the Elements of Division 29=2Γ—10+967=β‹―Γ—β‹―+β‹―
  • A7, 9, 4
  • B7, 10, 4
  • C7, 9, 5
  • D8, 9, 4


A boy has 15pounds and wants to buy some toys. Each toy costs 4pounds. Can he buy 2 toys?

  • AYes
  • BNo


Madison has mixed 74 liters of paint. How many 3-liter cans can she fill completely?


Scarlett has made 740 milliliters of strawberry jam and 570 milliliters of raspberry jam. She is going to put the jam into jars to sell. Each jar must hold 200 milliliters, and the jams cannot be mixed. How many jars of jam can she fill?


23 people are going on vacation together. They are going to rent cars that seat 7 people each.

First, calculate 23Γ·7.

  • A3
  • B4
  • C2 R 9
  • D3 R 2
  • E2 R 3

How many cars do they need?

How many people will be in the car that is NOT full?


Emma wants to buy a toy that costs $63. She has saved $32 so far and each week she saves $10. How many weeks does she still have to wait until she can buy the toy?


Is the remainder when 7,14,21,28,… is divided by 7, zero?

  • ANo
  • BYes


Two children want to share 33 balls equally between them. What is the maximum number of balls each child will get? Note that some balls might be left over.


A family consisting of 5 family members bought a bag full of chocolate chip cookies, and the father decided to share 29 cookies equally among the family members and gave the rest to their neighbor.

How many cookies did each member of the family get?

How many cookies did the family's neighbor get?


A teacher was assigning 23 problems among 3 students equally. What is the number of unassigned problems?

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