Lesson Worksheet: Artificial Selection Science

In this worksheet, we will practice outlining the process of artificial selection and describing how humans can use artificial selection to produce desired organisms.


Which of the following best defines artificial selection?

  • AHumans select desirable traits in plants or animals and breed together the individuals that have them.
  • BCells from organisms with useful adaptations are selected, removed, and artificially cloned in a lab.
  • CHumans artificially introduce genes into the DNA of selected organisms.
  • DOrganisms that are better adapted for their environment will survive and pass on these adaptations to their offspring.


Domestic dogs like pugs (pictured) have been produced by artificial selection. This now means that all purebred pugs are descended from recent common ancestors. What problems could this cause?

Pug breed dog
  • APugs will be unable to recognize other dogs as the same species.
  • BPugs will have much more genetic variation than other dogs.
  • CPugs are more likely to breed with a close relative, resulting in inbreeding.
  • DPugs will form a new species and will not be able to breed with other dogs.


An example of humans artificially selecting organisms is the production of dairy cows, shown in the picture, from their wild ancestors. Which of the following traits could have been selected for?

  • ALarge heads
  • BTasty meat
  • CTendency to birth twins
  • DHigh milk production


Complete the following sentence: Artificial selection the natural genetic variation of a population.

  • Amaintains
  • Bincreases
  • Cdecreases


The diagram shows the basic outline of artificially selected wheat grains. Starting with W, put these stages in the correct order.

  • AW Y Z X
  • BW X Y Z
  • CW Z Y X
  • DW Z X Y


Complete the following: In artificial selection, humans choose in animals or plants that they find desirable or that will benefit them.

  • Afood
  • Bseeds
  • Ctraits
  • Dcells


An example of humans artificially selecting organisms is the domestication of dogs, some of which are shown in the picture, from their wolf ancestors. Which of the following traits could have been selected for?

  • AObedience
  • BLaziness
  • CAggression
  • DLarge teeth


Read the following statement: selection is the process by which wild populations naturally adapt to their environments over time, whereas selection is when humans choose desired characteristics to be bred for in organisms.

Which word should replace the first blank?

  • AArtificial
  • BNatural

Which word should replace the second blank?

  • AArtificial
  • BNatural

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