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Lesson Worksheet: One-step Equations: Multiplication and Division Mathematics

In this worksheet, we will practice forming and solving equations in one-step using either multiplication or division, and applying this knowledge to solve word problems.


𝑛 candies are going to be shared equally between five children. Each child will get six candies. Write an equation to find the value of 𝑛 and solve it to find the total number of candies.

  • A𝑛+5=6, 1 candy
  • B𝑛5=6, 30 candies
  • C𝑛×5=6, 65 candies
  • D𝑛5=6, 24 candies
  • E𝑛5=6, 11 candies

This lesson includes 9 additional question variations for subscribers.

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