Worksheet: Degrees of Ionization

In this worksheet, we will practice calculating the degrees of ionization of weak acids and bases from their dissociation constants.


To 2 significant figures, what is the percent ionization of a 0.10 M solution of acetic acid with a pH of 2.89?


What is the percentage ionization of ammonia in a 0.0325 M solution of ammonia, a weak base with a 𝐾b of 1.76×10?

  • A1.31%
  • B0.560%
  • C0.117%
  • D2.00%
  • E2.33%


Consider the equilibrium for the ionization of acetic acid. CHCOH()+HO()HO()+CHCO()3223+32aqlaqaq

Only a small fraction of a weak acid ionizes in aqueous solution. What is the percent ionization of acetic acid in a 0.100 M solution of acetic acid, CHCOH32? Take 𝐾=1.8×10a.


What is 𝐾a for the hydrogen sulfate ion, HSO4? In a 0.10 M solution, the acid is 29%‎ ionized.

  • A0.41
  • B1.2×10
  • C0.17
  • D4.8×10
  • E2.9

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