Worksheet: Reading Bar Graphs with a Unit Scale

In this lesson, we will practice reading bar graphs with a unit scale to find how many items are in each category and compare data effectively.


A farmers’ market has a fruit section, a meat section, and a bread section. The given bar graph shows how many people are standing at each section of the market.

How many people are there at the market?


Scarlett, Anthony, and Madison collect coins. The given bar graph shows how many coins each of them has.

How many more coins does Anthony have than Scarlett?


David, Elizabeth, and Anthony all bought some pens. The given bar graph shows how many pens each of them got.

How many pens did Elizabeth buy?


The bar graph shows the colors of marbles in a bowl.

How many marbles are green?


An appliance store sells refrigerators, washing machines, and air conditioners. The given bar graph shows the number of appliances the store has.

How many washing machines does the store have?


Michael, Chloe, and Hannah made some paintings. They used the bar graph to show how many they made.

How many fewer paintings did Michael make than Hannah?

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