Worksheet: How Animals Help Plants to Reproduce

In this worksheet, we will practice identifying the ways in which animals help plants reproduce.


How do animals help in planting new seeds?

  • AAnimals eat the fruit.
  • BAnimals pass seeds as waste onto the ground.
  • CAnimals eat the seeds.


Animals eat fruits, nuts, and seeds. This helps the plant disperse the seeds and grow new plants.

What does disperse mean?

  • APlant
  • BSpread
  • CGrow


Animals which help carry pollen from plant to plant are called pollinators.

In this image, the pollinator is a bee.

Which of the creatures listed are pollinators?

  • AButterflies
  • BSpiders
  • CWorms
  • DSlugs


Bees carry pollen from plant to plant to help make new seeds.