Lesson Worksheet: Adding Two-Digit Numbers on Number Lines Mathematics • 1st Grade

In this worksheet, we will practice using a number line to add two-digit numbers to two-digit numbers by making jumps of ten and one.


Look at how Liam added 32 to 27 by adding 3 tens and then 2 ones.

Use number lines to find the answers to these sums.


Isabella is adding using a number line.

Pick the sum she is working on.

  • A28+34
  • B28+43

Find the answer.


Use the given number line to solve 25+32 by jumping tens and ones.


Look at the number line. Noah started at 32 and moved forward 5.

Write the calculation that he did.

  • A325=37
  • B325=27
  • C32+5=37

Use the number line to find the following: 27+11=.


Benjamin and James tried to solve 33+17 using the number line. Who had the right answer and used the number line correctly?

  • ABenjamin
  • BJames
  • CBoth of them


Use the number line to complete the following addition sentence: 14+=45.


On this number line, Madison started at 12 and jumped until she reached 41 as shown:

Which of the following number sentences describes what Madison did?

  • A4129=12
  • B12+29=41
  • C12+15=41


Find the number sentence that matches this number line.

  • A2614=12
  • B12+13=26
  • C12+14=26


Use the given model to help you find 15+19.

Hint: Add ones by making two jumps on the number line.

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