Lesson Worksheet: Climate Change Science • 3rd Grade

In this worksheet, we will practice describing the greenhouse effect and explaining the impact of human activity on the climate.


Carbon dioxide belongs to a group of gases that are harmful to the environment.

What name do scientists use to describe these gases?

Greenhouse effect
  • AToxic gases
  • BNatural gases
  • CMan-made gases
  • DFlammable gases
  • EGreenhouse gases


Greenhouse gases cause climate change. What do scientists mean when they talk about climate change?

Plants and climate change with the concept of global warming
  • AA long-term change in the climate patterns globally or in an area
  • BA short-term change in the weather
  • CA short-term change in the climate patterns globally or in an area
  • DAn extreme weather event, such as a hurricane


Scientists believe that greenhouse gases cause global warming. What is global warming?

  • AA decrease in the overall temperature of Earth’s atmosphere
  • BAn increase in the overall temperature of Earth’s atmosphere


Nada is setting up a website about climate change.

Select the correct information that she could add to her website.

	School girl sit at desk with laptop
  • AClimate change caused by natural factors usually happens very quickly.
  • BWe are experiencing the first time in history that the climate has changed.
  • CClimate change is currently happening at a rate faster than at any other time in history.


Look at the choices these children are making.

Nader and Fares ride to school.

Children with rucksacks riding on bikes

Dina turns off the TV when her program is over.

Young girl turning on or off the TV with a remote control

Seif leaves the light on in his bedroom when he goes out.

	Handmade Lamp Wicker

Who is not helping to reduce climate change?

  • ADina
  • BSeif
  • CNader and Fares


Ethan and Natalie are talking about the greenhouse effect.

Who is right?

  • ANatalie
  • BEthan


Scarlett reads the following definition in the dictionary: “A change in the average weather conditions, such as temperature or amount of precipitation, over a period of time.”

What term is this a definition of?

  • AGlobal warming
  • BThe greenhouse effect
  • CClimate change


What has happened to the amount of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere since about 1750?

  • AIt has stayed the same.
  • BIt has increased.
  • CIt has decreased.


The amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere is increasing and adding to the greenhouse effect. What is happening to the average temperature of Earth’s surface as a result?

  • AIt is decreasing.
  • BIt is increasing.
  • CIt is the same.


Fill in the blanks in the following sentences.

If there were no greenhouse effect, the temperature of Earth would be .

  • Amuch hotter than it is today
  • Bmuch colder than it is today
  • Cthe same as it is today

If there were no greenhouse effect, .

  • Athere would be fewer species on Earth than there are today
  • Bthere would be more species on Earth than there are today
  • Conly plants would be able to survive on Earth

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