Worksheet: Climate Change

In this worksheet, we will practice on how to recognize the impact that humans have on climate change.


The table below describes the three main cloud types. Which cloud does not produce any rain?

Type of Cloud Altitude Appearance
Cirrus High Thin and feathery; rain does not fall from this type of cloud.
Cumulus Middle Puffy with a flat base
Stratus Low Flat layers like a blanket; they appear as mist or fog.
  • ACirrus
  • BCumulus
  • CStratus


Which of these types of weather are associated with high pressure?

  • ADry clear weather
  • BWarm stormy weather
  • CCloudy wet weather
  • DWet windy weather


What does a hygrometer measure?

  • ARain fall
  • BWind speed
  • CHumidity
  • DTemperature


The symbol shown can be found on weather maps. What does it mean?

  • AA cold front
  • BA warm front
  • CHigh pressure
  • DLow pressure


Weather is the state of the atmosphere at a particular place and time.

What word is used to describe average weather conditions over a period of time?

  • AWeather
  • BClimate
  • CMicroclimate
  • DGlobal warming


The study of weather is known as .

  • Abiology
  • Bgastronomy
  • Cmeteorology
  • Dastronomy


The ozone layer protects Earth from the Sun’s harmful rays.

In which layer of Earth’s atmosphere is the ozone layer found?

  • AMesosphere
  • BStratosphere
  • CThermosphere
  • DTroposphere


What does a thermometer measure?

  • ATemperature
  • BRainfall
  • CAir pressure
  • DWind direction

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